"Get the book if you are a designer, product manager or consultant in an agency or company: this is your guide to all digital brand projects. Many books stick the label "standard work" on themselves - Branded Interactions really is."

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“I wouldn’t want to be without ‘Branded Interactions’, neither in my agency nor in the library at the University of Arts in Berlin, where I am teaching. It gives us invaluable insight into the topic of branded environments, from foundation to best practice. Already a classic!"

Prof. Joachim Sauter, Founder and Creative Director of ART+COM, Professor for New Media Art and Design at the University of Arts Berlin and Adjunct Professor at UCLA, Los Angeles

„Amasses a wealth of information and expertise to offer a working framework for any project”


“In a plethora of UX and usability literature that conspicuously leaves out the intricacies of brand building, Spies has managed to create the definite article everyone was looking for: the step-by-step and full-project life-cycle compendium for how to design digital experiences for brands. For real."

Alexander Wipf, Head of Strategy & Member of the Management Board at Leo Burnett Germany

"In 2018 Marco and Katja have chosen to fundamentally revise Branded Interactions, the standard work on digital branding. In recognition of the need for great conversational design in this time of AI, bots and automation, the founders of the Berlin-based design consultancy think moto have added a chapter on designing conversational experiences."

Robert LoCascio, Founder and CEO of LivePerson Inc

„I recommended this book to every agency I met in the past years in my role as an advisor. And many of them have been using it already, which is no surprise: with Branded Interactions advertisers, agencies and product developers leverage their work to achieve „joy of use“ of interactions between brands and users. "

Andreas Gahlert, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and Ex-CEO of Neue Digitale/Razorfish Germany

"Marcos’ perspective on the intersection of brand and digital and the process he outlines to tackle the business design process is comprehensive, rational, and well thought out. He has successfully applied this thinking to his work at think moto and continues to push the envelope, ask the right questions, and keep a finger on the pulse of what good design can provide to the innovation of contemporary business."

Brian Gillespie, Strategic Design Consultant, Savannah College of Art and Design (on the first edition of Branded Interactions)

“Marco Spies has published a book that is meant to answer a lot of questions that arise in agencies and marketing department nowadays. It is called »Branded Interactions« and I personally think it is one of the most important German books on digital marketing in ages. It doubtlessly already is one of the most beautiful non-fictional books I have ever seen.”

Gerald Hensel, Account Planning Group Germany (on the first edition of Branded Interactions)

"But this tome is a worthy addition to the IxD library … Spies’s book is bound to stay relevant for a long while."

Communication Arts, November/December 2015 (on the first edition of Branded Interactions)

"...not only for digital designers but warmly recommended for every strategically thinking designer..."

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"When you are talking about contemporary Branding- and Interaction-Design, for me »Branded Interactions« is one of the most outstanding Books within the last 2-3 Years. Marco Spies hits the nerve where the Role of Design is shifting and what kind of skills will become relevant for Interaction-Designers in the near Future. The Content is presented in a beautiful and easy understandable way, useful as well as for Professionals, Design Students and -Teachers."

Prof. Daniel Rothaug, Professor for Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

"Throughout his career Marco has consistently broken new ground, both in embracing new forms of interaction, and establishing the formalisms (of UX Design) which have helped many, including me, to define and deliver branded experiences. His inquisitive attitude, underpinned with academic rigour, allows teams to turn experimental approaches into proven and repeatable patterns quickly and effectively. He is able to move from open-minded exploration to single-­minded execution at the right moment, creating a bridge between brand attitude and technical reality. When he talks, people listen, and they learn new things every time – just, I am sure, as he does."

Tom Acland, Entrepeneur, Co-Founder of iCradle, Ex-CTO of Razorfish Germany (on the first edition of Branded Interactions)

„Branded Interactions is the bible for everyone who works in interactive Media.”

Dirk Habenschaden, Designer and Blogger

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